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Marshall Music Equipment

marshall music equipment

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marshall music equipment - A History

A History of Marshall The Illustrated Story Of The Sound Of Rock

A History of Marshall The Illustrated Story Of The Sound Of Rock

Marshall amps have defined the sound of rock for a generation, boasting such notable users as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Ritchie Blackmore and Jimmy Page. This book explores the British company responsible for that sweet overdrive sound - the company that originated the amp "stack" - tracing the impressive lineage of its valve ("tube" to us Yanks!) guitar amps. Doyle is the acknowledged authority on the subject, and here he combines detailed chronologies of the various model and serial numbers, straightforward explanations of their features and construction, and aesthetic evaluations of the results. The book is dotted with the names of rock luminaries and peppered with photos - well over 100 black-and-white ones, plus a 32-page color section and a 32-page full-color appendix that reproduces all of the Marshall catalogues of the sixties.

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Marshall, Gibson & Fender

Marshall, Gibson & Fender

It was about time that I took a picture of my rock&roll equipment :) Since I'm a singer and guitarist in a coverband, music is a pretty big part of my life.

For those who might be interested in what equipment I play:
- Top picture: Gibson Les Paul Studio Alpine White, with gold hardware
- Bottom picture: American Fender Telecaster
- Both pictures: Marshall JCM 900, 1960A Cabinet
- Not on this picture: Marshall JCM 900 amplifier

Both pictures are taken with the same camera settings and are not altered. I only put them together in Photoshop and resized the total picture. Unfortunately, the lighting coming from my window slightly changed between taking both pictures...

Setting Up

Setting Up

The gorgeous girl next to the microphone is the lovely Carly Pullen, and the girl on the ground is the equally gorgeous and lovely Jemima Marshall. These two are good friends of mine, and are both very talented musically.

They go busking a lot for the fun of it, and this is them while they're setting up their equipment. My camera was stuck on black-and-white they day this was taken, which I thought would be a drawback, but it made all the photos look even better. =)

marshall music equipment

marshall music equipment

Marshall MG15 Guitar Combo Amplifier - 8 Inch, 15 Watts, 2 Channels

The Marshall MG15 provides musicians with more power and more control. The 15 watts of power and an 8 inch speaker provides an added punch to the overall sound, and the amplifier still retains the perfect desirable tone qualities of the MG Series. The MG15 amplifier has the benefit of a 3-band EQ like the ones that can be found on Marshall amps throughout history. Independent Bass, Middle and Treble controls provide the ability to fine-tune every aspect of your tone to your own personal taste.

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